Ring Alarm - show sensor Z-Wave signal strength in Ring app

I’m not the first to have this idea, I noticed it was mentioned a while ago in the regular Ring Alarm forum area by @DaveG and perhaps others…

Sensor signal strength and the Ring App - Ring Community

…but it doesn’t seem to be here in the relatively new Feature Request board so I thought I’d add it because I agree it’s a good idea and a very useful function missing in the Ring app:

Feature request:

please add Z-Wave signal strength indication in the Ring App for each of a Ring Alarm system’s sensors. This would greatly help in finding the best location to place the Range Extender and/or Base Station.

As it stands right now, you just have to guess where to place the range extender and hope for the best. Meanwhile, apparently service technicians can remotely determine the Z-Wave signal strength of each device or otherwise determine some sensors are out of range and unnecessarily & constantly pinging the base station and wasting battery power.

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I agree. This would be super helpful and reduce calls to your support line.

So we still don’t have this? For larger area homes with many walls we need this, at least a refresh button for the red sensor low signal icon.