Ring Alarm should Arm all Valid Sensors at end of Exit Delay regardless of Bypass Required

This is to address the issue referred to here - namely the Ring system’s inabilty to support arming the system while the main entry door to the home is open, which is a very common feature of alarm systems and how many people expect an alarm system to work. See here for description of the problem specifically.

The current behaviour is that if a sensor is in an invalid state (open, motion detected, tampered) when an ‘Arm’ button is pressed, the Ring system will alert the user that a sensor requires bypassing. However if the user does not acknowledge the bypass alert, the Ring system silently fails to arm the system. Your average home user does not understand the concept of a ‘sensor bypass’ which is quite a technical term and does not hint at the critical nature of the error - that the alarm system will fail to arm. So this leads to situations where people think they have set the alarm but in fact have not, which is the worst possible outcome.

This exposes a serious flaw in the Ring system’s arming logic. The alarm not getting armed after the user issues an explicit arming command is a critical error in a security system and needs to be avoided or alerted better than a hard to interpret ‘bypass required’ message.

The requested feature is:
When the system is armed, if any of the required sensors for that mode are in a state requiring bypass the user will be alerted with the usual ‘Sensors Require Bypass’ audio message. However at the end of the Exit Delay period the system will re-check the state of the sensors and arm the system with all valid sensors at that point in time, automatically exlcuding any sensors still in an invalid state (bypassed, open, motion detected, tampered etc.)

I cannot think of a single situation where this logic would produce an unwanted or unexpected behaviour. It would still bypass invalid sensors, for example if a window had actually been accidently left open, but would still protect the property as best it could, and the user is still given fair warning a sensor was in a ‘bypass required’ state. Simultaneously, if a user sets the alarm with the main door open, but then closes it, or even with a window open but remembers to close it on the way out, the alarm is still armed and the property fully protected.

This can be implemented as default behaviour, or to minimise impact to existing users, as an option for the system under the alarm system settings, something like a toggle switch with the caption “Arm system after exit delay in bypass situations” with the default being ‘Off’ which would be the current behaviour.

Thank you!