Ring Alarm Schedule!

RING needs to add either a function to schedule a time to arm and disarm the alarm! This is rediculicous. Its like making a car with no breaks! If you can’t add the function, at least allow 3rd party skills, like Hubitat, Alexa, etc the ability to creat a routine to setup such a schedule. I have tried to setup a routine through Alexa and it shows Ring as an unsupportive device, even after I linked Ring skill into Alexa. I will submit a review that will reflect my experience with RING on this issue in the near future. If I don’t get a response from a RING moderator saying that the team is in the process of adding this function, I won’t be as negative. I have read comments about this dated back years ago and after a moderator responded saying they will share with the team, nothing has happened. I hope this time something does!


Ring, we really need a way to schedule the alarm to Home, Away or Disarmed. This will avoid the “I forgot to arm it” before going to bed, work, etc. Having a timer count down during automatic arming would be ideal. Thank you.


I bought your security system for my entire house and realised that you don’t have one of the most basic features which is to arm and disarm the system through schedules. I went to various forums and realised that many other people are looking for this feature. I had many security systems in the past and I always had this feature where I set a time to arm or disarm the system everyday. If so many people are looking for this feature since the last year or more. How come you guys don’t have it ? I love everything else about the ring system and I was on second thoughts to return the entire system and just use the old one I had before. But I thought I’ll write to you guys first to see if this is a feature you are considering adding to the ring security. Please let me know as I have spent allot of money on the entire system and I feel this is one of the most basic features that should be there. This is a very basic and very important feature in any security system. I am very surprised you guys dont have this yet.


^bump. I’ve been asking for this feature ever since I purchased the Ring Alarm System back in August. Initially, I was shocked that Ring did not have such a basic feature for alarms. The reps have told me that many people have asked for it and they are looking into it. An update about the status of this feature would be nice. Thanks in advance.

Hey there, neighbors! We greatly appreciate you all sharing your interests and feedback with our Community. Your feedback is important to us and we are constantly sharing it with our teams here, while they work to improve your experiences. We are happy to announce that the Alarm Modes Scheduling feature is currently rolling out to Alarm neighbors. To learn more about Scheduling your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm, check out Riley’s article here. Feel free to let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

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