Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit Questions

I’m considering purchasing the Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit to replace my existing alarm system, and have a few questions:

• Will the base unit chirp when a door/window is opened if using my old hard-wired sensors?

• Can I add a few wireless sensors to my system in addition to the existing wired sensors?

• Can I add an Open Window Magnet to a window with wired sensors, or do they only work with a Ring wireless sensor?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you can set a chirp/tone. Each zone wired into the retrofit kit is the same as a contact sensor to the Ring alarm system.

Yes, you can mix the wired retrofit zones with wireless sensors in the same alarm configuration. In fact, the kits are sold that way.

Yes, you can configure wired sensors with second magnets and position the window sensor over that magnet to partially open. This has nothing to do with the Ring system. The Ring open window magnet is just a second magnet to position the window, which you old wired system could also have.

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