Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit chimes when legacy wired motion sensors detect motion

I just installed my Ring Alarm Retrofit kit. I like that the system sounds a chime to alert when the doors with the legacy sensors attached are opened. However, I have two wired motion detectors that are connected in their own zones, and every time either of them detects motion, it sounds the chime. I would like to disable the chime for those sensors, but I can’t find a way to do that. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Never mind, I found it. I should have known I would figure it out right after I posted the question.

In case anyone else is looking for it, go to Devices, then Alarm Base Station, then scroll down to Sensors and choose the sensor you want to change. Select Chirp Tones and choose None.

Not sure why I didn’t see that the first ten times I looked.


I thought wired motion sensors are not supported by the Retrofit kit. Or is this new?