Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring


Meybe someone know if professional monitoring works in Slovenia ? Or only alarm by app.

Thanks for answer

Good question, @Maticek! Check out our Ring Alarm Security System page, specific to the Slovenia region website version. There it lists all the benefits of Ring Alarm, specific to your region.

When subscribing to an optional Ring Protect Plus plan, you can opt into Assisted Monitoring via the Ring app and Ring Alarm will automatically call three emergency contacts during an Alarm event. So someone you trust can respond, even if you’re on a plane without phone coverage.

You’ll also receive Cellular Backup in case your wifi goes offline, plus extended warranty as long as you have Ring Protect Plus, a 10% discount on Ring.com, and unlimited video storage for 30 days of recording for all of your Ring devices.

I’ve confirmed with our teams here that Slovenia is included in being eligible to use Assisted Monitoring. Here is our help center article about assisted monitoring for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: