Ring Alarm Pro keeps failing to Cellular

WE bought a Ring Alarm Pro right when they came out and moved our network to it so that we could take advantage of the failover internet. Sounded Great.

Except. It randomly fails over to the cellular and stay there, I’ve never been able to get it to move back to the primary internet without removing it from the eero network by replacing it with a different eero gateway and then swapping back again. It’s happened 5 times now and i’m probably done using it as the gateway router for the house. Anyone else with the same problem?

The best things to check first are power and connection variables. Please ensure the Alarm Pro Base Station is powered up properly using the included adapter and a working outlet. As for connection, it is important that your Alarm Pro Eero is used as the primary router or gateway for your network, rather than as an extender of your existing network.

Here’s our Help Center article with steps on setup and tips for optimal use.