Ring Alarm Pro Internet

I just installed my new Ring Alarm Pro with eero router. I can connect to the wifi network created by the eero app, and have internet connection. I can also connect my Ring cameras to the wifi and can view them remotely. However, the Ring Pro still says it is using 24/7 backup cellular internet. In the eero app, it says that the Ring Pro is connected via ethernet (which it is to port 1), but it’s using cellular internet. Why is it not using the internet provided by my modem (Comcast modem only, no router or wifi). I can connect to the internet via the eero wifi, but the Alarm Pro isn’t connected via the cable, but the cable is providing the internet service for the wifi…no idea why this isn’t working as I assume it should.
Any thoughts or what I should check?


I think I have just figured it out. *trigger light bulb on!
The Ring Pro Alarm is providing the cellular internet for the eero wifi system. So, there is no active internet connection from my modem.

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Hi @bskinner. I had the same lightbulb moment when setting up my Ring Alarm Pro! After playing around in the Eero app, I was able to get things situated. Glad you also figured this out.