Ring Alarm Pro hijacked my Centurylink internet connection

I had to reboot my modem. Of course for those couple of minutes the Ring Alarm Pro AT&T internet kicked in. However, the Ring Alarm Pro internet (eero6) never released the internet connection and I was connected to AT&T for several hours. Not only that, but it took over all my ethernet wired devices like my desktop and laptop computers. So when I ran speedtest it showed the host was AT&T for both wired and wifi devices. In order to get my Centurylink connection back online I had to totally disconnect the Ring Alarm Pro and remove the internal battery. Only then could I break the AT&T connection, and access my Centurylink modem. What is the deal? Is the Ring Alarm Pro supposed to send its internet signal downstream to all wired devices??

I don’t have the Pro yet but I read that you can configure which devices can use the backup internet. You can tell it only to allow cameras and other essential devices and disallow a streaming device so it doesn’t use a bunch of data.

Hi @joelcbrand. Your Ring Alarm Pro and other devices should reconnect to your wifi network once it’s back up and running, as your Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as the gateway, or primary router, on your home network. I’d recommend checking through everything in this Help Center Article to ensure the network is set up properly. If this happens again, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a deeper look at this with you. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Since I already have a good primary router that is wifi 6 and faster than this, I guess I won’t be needing this. Not sure why this product exists as you can just get a separate router. And I can use my phone’s hot spot when the internet goes down as it has no cap.

failover is a feature, the problem is it never fails back for many people.