Ring Alarm Pro and Eero 5

I was considering upgrading my Eero 5 mesh network to Eero 6 Pro. This makes upgrading my Ring Alarm to Ring Alrm Pro very appealing.

Can I add my Eero 5 access points to the Ring Alarm Pro? Is the Ring Alarm Pro an Eero 6 router or an Eero 6 Pro router? In the UK most ISPs won’t support Eero as a router, the Eero has to be in bridged mode. That is fine by me. Does the Ring Alarm Pro support this mode?

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us, neighbor. The Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as the primary router, or gateway for your wifi network in order to use all features available. As mentioned in our Alarm Pro Help Center article, we do not recommend using Ring Alarm Pro as a wifi extender for your existing router. Using your Alarm Pro as an extender will prevent you from accessing many of the Protect Pro subscription features, including 24/7 Backup Internet. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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@Marley_Ring - Question still stands - can Eero devices act as extenders of Alarm Pro?

To answer your question yes you can put the Ring Pro router in bridge mode but it’ll still broadcast a Wi-Fi signal. You would connect the Ring Pro base station to your router via Ethernet then open the Eero app and go to settings > network settings > DHCP & NAT > Bridge.

Once the base station restarts you’ll be in bridge mode.

And yes eero mesh nodes can be added to the Ring Pro to extend the range in your home.

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