Ring Alarm Offline Still Work?

So I went to arm my alarm via a keypad, but I kept getting the sound indicating I inputted the wrong code. I checked the Ring app & discovered the alarm base station is offline. I live basically one house length out of 4G cellular coverage so I’m assuming it wouldn’t connect to cellular even though I have a 3G network extender (probably not compatible with Ring).

  1. I was wondering, will the siren go off if the Ring alarm base station is offline?

  2. Will it start an entry delay when opening a door if the base station is offline? I’m guessing it would be impossible to disarm it from the entry delay if the base station is offline.

  3. Is there a type of network extender that’s compatible with Ring devices? Not sure why it’s offline since my internet (base station is connected via ethernet cable) & my Wi-Fi are both working. I haven’t troubleshooted yet.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I would call support.

#1 it should not be offline if you have internet.

#2 I had a buddy with no bars most of the time one sometimes. He called and a week or so later he has more bars than I do.

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