RING ALARM not compatible with ALEXA ROUTINES

Currently the Ring Alarm base station is not available (“This device is not currently supported”) as a device when building Alexa routines.

Therefore every possible routine which could be triggered by alarm states won’t work. For example

“When Ring Alarm is triggered, turn office lights red.”

“When Ring Alarm is triggered, play alarm sound on all Echos”

“When Ring Alarm (location 1) is triggered, sound siren on Ring Alarm (location 2).”

“When Ring Alarm is triggered, show Ring Camera 1 on Echo Show”

“When Ring Alarm is triggered, set all cameras to Record”

“After sunset, turn Ring Alarm door chimes to maximum volume”

In other words, mode changes need to be availble as triggers (Changed to Armed, Changed to Home, Changed to Disarmed) along with it’s active states (Is in Arriving Countdown, Is in Departing Countdown, Is Triggered).

The marketing makes is seem like Alexa routines are available for RING ALARM when currently they really are not. RING ALARM is not supported as a trigger nor as an item to commanded.

Please comment on timetable to implement.


i used them successfully for three months. then they stopped