Ring Alarm Motion Detector False Alarms

Every false alarm from my system has been from the motion detector. There are no pets in the house or objects that can be moved by blowing air. I specifically noticed the most recent false alarm occurred when someone armed the alarm and exited from the area covered by the motion detector. I cannot remember if this was the case with prior activations. Some reviews on Amazon essentially say that if you arm your alarm and pass in front of the motion detector while you are still within the exit grace period, it will trigger and cause a false alarm. This certainly seems to be the case with my system. I checked my motion detector and it says the firmware is up-to-date. My battery is now low, but this has been an ongoing problem. I am going to replace the batteries and do some tests on my own. Any suggestions would be appreciated because I’ve had it with this motion detector!

Today we got another new false alarm from our livingroom with Today we got a new false alarm from our livingroom with Ring motion detector - it is the third time during few weeks. When we came back to our house, we do not see any reason for why the motion detector should give alarm.
Could it be that birds are flyging around our house outside and give moveable shadows inside the livingroom that is detected ?

Anybody that have simulator experiences and can someone explain why we get these false alarms?

Hello @runflo ,

You did not mention if you have the Ring Alarm 1st Generation or 2nd Generation Alarm Motion Sensor. But it is unlikely that birds moving shadows are being detected by either 1st or 2nd Gen Motion sensor.

You first should rule out heat sources and not aim it at heaters, furnaces, and windows, and air vents (to avoid sunlight through windows, or moving warm air from vents and blowing fans, etc.). Once these are ruled out, then it is possible that your current firmware might be slightly corrupted. The 2nd Generation Motion Sensors operate the best when mounted 7.5 feet high from the ground, and in the corner of a room facing into the middle.

Occasionally, Ring “pushes” updated firmware to your devices and if your device did not get a “clean” transmission during one of these firmware updates, this could possibly your issue. Generally, faster than typical battery draining, or false motion-triggering are possible symptoms of slightly corrupted firmware.

Assuming you have a 2nd Gen Motion Sensor, to best “wipe clean” and download “fresh” firmware to your alarm Motion Sensor, I would recommend the following:

  1. Remove the suspected Alarm Motion Sensor from your Ring Alarm Base Station:
  • In the smartphone Ring app, tap Menu , then tap Devices , then tap Alarm Base Station , then tap the Motion Detector you wish to remove.
  • Tap the Gear icon on the top right corner, then tap Remove .
  • Remove the cover. Since your sensor is already mounted to the wall, gently slide it upward then forward to detach it from the back cover bracket. Then press the pinhole on the back of the sensor once. You’ll see the LED light up red for 3 seconds, if the reset was successful.
  • The app will let you know the device was removed.
  1. Then perform a hard “Factory Reset” on your Motion Detector Alarm Sensor:
  • Remove the Motion Detector back cover (already accomplished above). Ensure the batteries are in the device.
  • Use the pinhole tool or a paper clip to press and hold the reset button (tiny hole on the back of the device). You will first see the LED on the front of the sensor begin blinking and continue holding the paper clip on the reset button for about 10-seconds until the LED turns red (on 2nd Gen), or stops blinking (on1st Gen).
  1. Now add the Motion Sensor back to your Ring Alarm Base Station**, just like you did during your initial set-up. This is when the update to the Firmware will occur:
  • Make sure your Ring Alarm is disarmed.
  • In the Ring app, tap Menu , then tap Set Up a Device, then tap Security Devices , then tap Sensors , and tap Motion Detector.
  • Follow the in-app instructions to complete setup. Now is a good opportunity to install fresh batteries too. If you want to complete the setup with the Motion Sensor near the Base Station but the mounting bracket is still attached to your wall, you can gently use a toothpick to hold the tiny “Tamper Switch” in the slot on the back in the closed position (simulating it is installed in the bracket).

The Factory Reset wiped clean any previous potentially corrupted firmware and during the setup the new firmware will upload. Hopefully, this will provide a new clean and uncorrupted firmware update. If you still continue to have false alarms, then you should call Ring Support for additional help at:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, you may encounter slightly longer than normal wait times:

I hope you find this information helpful. :wink:

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