Ring alarm in garage desynchronizations and delays with keypad and false alarm on contact sensor

Hello, I would have liked to speak to support but the Italian number on the site is said to be non-existant and it seems impossible to find a support email…

Anyway, I setup a ring alarm in my detatched garage, it only has a base station, a keypad and a contact sensor on the door.
The first month, maybe because it had the protect plus plan it was working good, then it slowly started having problems when being completely offline.
What happens is basically that now I can open the door and the sound of the contact sensor and the alarm countdown can start playing 10-20 seconds later (sometimes more) after I have opened the door. Likewise when I input the code on the keypad the base station immediately answers that the alarm is now off, but the keypad keeps counting down for a longer time (it even goes to 0 but the alarm doesn’t go off).
Today the alarm went off supposedly by itself in the morning, the contact sensor and everything else seems in place so I think it was a false alarm (unfortunately I only have the Ring camera which I later discovered it won’t do anything without wifi).
I sometimes have to reconnect the system online using my phone as a hotspot, this apparently resyncs the devices for some days, and when I did so this morning to check the alarm log the system briefly went off while sending a plethora of notifications on queue.

Auto engage:
I would have liked to set the alarm to engage everytime the garage door is closed but I didn’t find a way, so I scheduled the alarm to auto engage every 1h or every 30 minutes when I usually come home so that I never have to worry about manually engaging the alarm, but maybe this is making the alarm go crazy somehow, maybe there is a better way?

If anyone has any idea how to solve these desync problems when the system is offline please let me know. Also, is it possible that the contact sensor went off by itself without moving for the first time in 4 months? Would it possibly be related to the auto-engage procedure I devised?

Thanks anyone for their time reading and possibly answering.

Hi @Garage2. Is your Ring Alarm connected via WiFi? If so, it is possible that you have a poor WiFi connection. It is also possible that there is another wireless device nearby causing wireless interference, such as a garage door opener. If you continue you to run into problems, please visit here to see how to contact support. Please note that you may need to call from a Landline.