Ring alarm for Landlords

I’m installing the Ring Alarm system on a rental property so my tenants can feel secure. My goal is to provide the equipment and let the tenant choose if they want to pay the $10 for the monitoring.

What’s the best way to set this up? Does a Guest account have the right to pay for the monitoring? Of course, I will also need the ability to change to different tenants as time goes by.




Hi @tfernholtz. A few things to explain here. When a Ring Alarm is setup and activated, the person who set it up becomes the registered owner. That person will be the only person who can sign up for the Ring Protect Plan and assign Shared Users. Once the tenant will no longer use the Ring Alarm system, they have to unregister the Base Station and they next owner will have to register it and connect all of the sensors again. This can be difficult because they will all be already mounted. Additionally, in the event you need to contact our support team, only the registered owner can makes account changes, for security reasons. I hope this information helps you come to a decision that works best for you.