Ring Alarm for a Church

Our church is going through a remodel currently and is looking at adding fire alarm and security to the building. I was looking at the Ring alarm system with the First Alert smoke/CO detectors. The building is about 15,000 square feet with 3 floors in some areas. I have the equipment list below for what we would use. Any advice on the system and if it would work in this application? Are there any device limits on a base station?

1x - Base Station

3x - Keypads

4x - Panic Button

8x- Door Sensor

10x - Motion Sensor

8x - Range Extender

5x - Dome Siren

45x - First Alert Smoke Detector

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Glad you asked @mjonesjr84! That is quite an area to cover, but seeing numerous Range Extenders in your list is a great sign that you are well prepared. The Alarm Base Station utilizes z-wave to communicate to the other Alarm devices, which has a range of about 250 feet on an unobstructed path. The Range Extenders will likely be of most use when extending the signal from floor to floor.

As far as the amount of Alarm devices that are supported, Up to 100 Z-Wave devices can be used per each security kit. Check out our help center article about z-wave and optimizing connection for more tips. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response.

Do you know if the First Alert smoke/CO detectors act as a z-wave repeater? I know some z-wave devices have the mesh style repeaters in them.

They will not. Only plugin devices act as repeaters and all those are battery powered.

Keep in mind they’re not interconnected. So a smoke alarm going off on the first floor won’t trigger an alarm on the third floor.