Ring Alarm Feature Update: Flood and Freeze Sensor 5/9/2020

You will see the following updates for your Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor in your mobile app.

  • Repeat Spoken Alert - The Ring Alarm Base Station now announces the spoken alert every 10 minutes and the light ring will pulses blue when the flood and freeze sensor detects water or low temperatures until you dismiss or snooze the alert.

  • Dismiss or Snooze Alerts - When the sensor detects water or low temperature, the app will show an alert message asking you to Take Action. You will have two options:

    • Dismiss - You will not be alerted again, until the next time your sensor detects water or low temperatures. See example photo below.
    • Snooze - This will allow you to pause the alert on the sensor for a specified amount of time. See example photo below.

  • Notifications When on Cell and Battery Backup - When your Ring Alarm Base Station is on cell or battery backup, you will experience the following if water or low temperatures are detected:

    • You will receive push notifications when water or low temperature is detected.
    • You won’t see the alert state when you open the app.
    • If you have selected to receive an automated call, you will still receive one when water or low temperature is detected.
    • Your Base Station will pulse blue and a Spoken Alert or chirp tone will sound once, and then sound once an hour until the battery dies.

Have questions or feedback about this feature update? Please let us know by replying below.