Ring Alarm Feature Update 11/25/19

Hello Alarm neighbors, we have another exciting new feature available for you this month! It’s our goal to always keep you up to date with what we’ve added to your system. See the details below and please reply to this post with any questions you may have.

Canceled Burglar Alarms Confirmation Call

Sometimes life happens, and you can’t disarm your Ring Alarm within the entry delay time to prevent the alarm from going off. We’ve added a new feature called the Confirmation Call to give you peace of mind. When the Confirmation Call feature is turned on in your Ring app, the first emergency contact will get an automated phone call whenever a burglar alarm is canceled. This call will provide you with the peace of mind that your Alarm signal and then cancellation went out correctly.

You can choose to enable or disable the confirmation call by selecting “Settings” in the Ring app, then “Monitoring” and toggling the “Confirmation Call” on or off.

Check out this Ring Help Center article for more information.

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