Ring Alarm Duress Code is Now Available

Ring Alarm has added a duress code feature for the Ring Alarm Keypad! This is available if you have a Ring Protect Plus subscription and are signed up for professional monitoring. The duress code can be used in an emergency when you need to signal for help. It will not sound the siren or have any type of alert.

Whether Ring Alarm is armed or disarmed, simply enter the duress code into the Keypad and press the Disarmed button to send a silent duress signal to the monitoring center to request dispatch of emergency responders. If your Ring Alarm is armed, using the duress code gives the appearance of being disarmed as usual. If your Ring Alarm is disarmed, there will be no indication that any signal has been sent, but emergency services will be dispatched.

Please note that while the Duress code can be set and reset within the app, it can only be used on the Keypad.

Additionally, everyone in your home will need to use the same Duress code, you cannot create individual ones. So make sure that you explain that the Duress code shouldn’t be used like a regular access code.

Important details about the new Duress Code feature:

  • The Duress feature is immediately live and active as soon as you set up a duress code.
  • You cannot test the duress code.
  • You cannot cancel the duress code.
  • As soon as you enter the duress code into the keypad, emergency responders will be immediately dispatched to your home.
  • There is no call from the monitoring center after you enter the duress code.

For our neighbors with professional monitoring, we want to make sure you don’t accidentally send the police to your home, and help you avoid false alarm fees.

Please set up your duress code, but remember that it’s a silent alarm with no phone calls or notifications, and it should only be used in a real emergency.

For more information, check out this Help Center article.