Ring Alarm and Yale L1 Conexis Smart Lock in the UK

Hi. Is it possible to have the ring alarm work in conjunction with the Yale conexis l1 smart lock in the U.K.? I’ve seen some on here say yes by just purchasing the Yale z wave module for the lock but if it isn’t a recognised “works with ring” partner then surely it’s advised against? Remember I am in the U.K.

Hey @Benlfc. We do not have a supported list of Works With Ring alarm devices for the UK at this time, which may be why you do not see the Yale Lock showing up as a support device to pick from in the app. Since the Base Station communicates on a Z-Wave frequently, you can often add a Z-Wave device by adding it as a Works With Ring device, but you may find it has limited functionality in the app or may not add, as it cannot be supported in the app.