Ring Access Controller Pro without Ring Camera/Doorbell

Can someone please explain why a Ring Doorbell or Ring Camera are required to setup the Ring Access Controller Pro in the Ring App? I have this installed on the gates of a small apartment building (2 gates) and I just want to be able to share access control with the tenants. Amazon delivery drivers can let themselves in, but the people who live there can’t use it unless there is a Ring Doorbell? What gives?

Hey @SKahle16. The Ring Access Controller Pro is a controller that is used via the Key by Amazon app, and then linked to the Ring App. The Access Controller Pro only allows for a single user, but I checked with our teams on this, as they are looking to have the ability to share users on this device in the future. We do not have a timeline for that at this time, but wanted to pass that information to you. This is similar to our Smart Lighting system, which only allows access from the owner for the device and not for any shared users at this time. Let me know if this clears this up for you, or I’m happy to follow up with any other questions you may have. :slight_smile:

Hey @Chelsea_Ring,

Thanks for the response; it would be great if that functionality could be added to either the Amazon Key app or allow the RACP to be setup in the Ring app without the use of a camera or doorbell and shared. The help on amazon.com implied I should be able to share access with “household” or “guest” but there is not an option for that in the Key app at this time, at least not with the RACP as the device. This device was integrated into an existing multi-tenant access control / doorbell / intercom / camera system. I really needed the “Key” functionality, but do not need a doorbell or cameras. I’ll hold out for future software developments!

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