RIng 4 doorbell not ringing to shared user iphone

New Ring 4 this week; the app works fine for my own iphone SE and I rcv notifications and doorbell chimes to phone. My wife is a shared user with iPhone 10 and she rcvs notification alerts for motion (although somewhat delayed), but no ring at all for the doorbell. I’ve looked at all her notification and app settings and can’t figure it out. She doesn’t use iPhone’s FOCUS mode; iOs is current, nothing obvious in the app settings.


Hi @steve1111. In the Ring app, select the Doorbell and you should see a toggle for Ring Alerts. Try toggling that off, reboot your phone, then turn Ring Alerts back on. Let me know if this works for you.

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Thank you. That appears to have worked. We did as you suggested and then rang the bell a few times and she can hear it on her phone.

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