Ring 3 switching off

Ring wireless security cameras switching off and one has to yet again set them up.
Tedious and very tiring.
I am in the UK and found the telephone support team very rude and refusing to help. They are telling me it is my internet but it is not as i do have google sets as well so I know.
Requesting for better phone support and for incidents to be escalated.

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. What model of Ring Camera or Doorbell do you have? You can find this listed on the original packaging or on the Device Health screen in the Ring App. Is it dropping the wifi connection? If so, what is the RSSI on your Ring device? You can also find this on the Device Health page, and the RSSI is a measure of your Ring device’s connection strength. There could be a few different reasons why it’s dropping its wifi connection, but checking the RSSI is a good place to start.