Ring 3 Plus issue with "This footage is unavailable"

I just installed a Ring 3 plus doorbell for my parents recently. It is connected to the hard wired lines of their previous doorbell…Everything seems to work fine until my 2 recent visits to their houses. I noticed both of those 2 visits, there was no video captured. I saw a big gap of “This footage is unavailable” error message in the app. This is unbelievable and I don’t know why. I own 2 Ring Pro devices while my dad also has a Ring floodlight, but we never saw this issue before…What’s going on? I ran all my troubleshootings. The power was fine. The wifi signal was excellent…could this be a defective device or what?

Hi @yellowslacker. Is the footage still unavailable in the Ring app? Sometimes, there can be a delay in the time the footage is recorded to the time the footage is available to view. Also, is there an active Ring Protect Plan on the account? If there was not an active Protect Plan on the account at the time of the recordings, or there was a lapse in coverage, it could result in this Footage Unavailable message you are seeing. Let us know if this is still happening or it was just an isolated event.

Yes still happening and yes i have the Ring Protect Plan (see attached photos)