Ring 3-Plus Audio Issues

Having problems with my Ring Video Doorbell 3-Plus! When I un-mute the speaker during Live View I get about half of a second of audio and it cuts out. I’m not sure how it acts while using the microphone 2-way as I typically don’t use it often. I attempted to reinsert battery and complete the reset as described above, but issue returned. I was also having issues today seeing video on Live View. My camera is only a few weeks old and I attempted to exchange on Amazon for same device and it wouldn’t let me and told me to contact support. From what I can tell, the audio issues began 9/3/20. Any advice?

Hi @Kicker0927. Here is a Help Center article that goes over some great tips and tricks for correcting some of the most common audio issues. We also have a greatCommunity write up for Live View. I hope this helps!