Ring 3 Not Recording or Sending Phone Motion Alerts

Title. I tried reinstalling the app and tweaking settings for my device. It won’t record anything and won’t send the usual chime to my phone when it detects motion. I even tried paying for a 1-year subscription even though my trial wasn’t over yet, and this didn’t remedy the problem.

I’ve been up for an extra hour trying to fix this and it doesn’t seem to want to work. I live in one of the highest crime areas of the US and need alerts for peace of mind while at work. Bummer if I just paid 200 bucks for a fake security camera. I can get those for 10 bucks in town and put them all over my house.

Same problem here and I spent 45 minutes with customer service yesterday, no help

I gave up and ended up going to bed. I woke up this morning to find my ring functioning as normal. Seems it just hit an extended blackout yesterday. Kind of scary, because it wasn’t working properly for at least 4 hours before I went to bed