Ring 3 Not Charging Error in Charging Source

My Ring 3 is connected to my doorbell transformer but it is not charging. Down to 60% and falling. Not only this but the system says it is connected to a solar charger and I do not have a Solar charger. How do I get my Ring 3 to charge using my transformer and correct the solar charge bug.
PS: I also have a Ring 2 (on another door) which is working flawlessly using the same transformer and it maintains 100 % charge.


HI @Jay46. Try performing a reset on your Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds, then releasing. Once this is complete, you can reconnect it to wifi. After a short update, it should reflect the correct power status. I hope this helps.

Iā€™m having the same issue. Out of nowhere my battery is drained to 86% and device health says power source is battery rather than hardwired and solar status is connected, which I do not have.