Ring 3 Hard wired but not showing on app

My ring video doorbell 3 plus is hardwired, yet on the app it says battery, it has a ring 3 transformer plug which has been set up correctly and my husband used to be an electrician so he has checked that all the wiring is working ok. It has power from the plug to the ring and battery and yet it won’t charge. I have two batteries and have charged both manually to 100% and put them into the doorbell but it still says battery on app and not hardwired. I have even reduced the settings so that the battery life is slower than normal and it still won’t go to hard wired, basically I’ve tried pretty much everything, have I forgot something?? Is there something wrong with the ring 3?? It was bought in February and we hardwired it in July giving it a few months to settle, or the transformer bought from Ring itself. Honestly I have no idea and would appreciate some help and advice. Thanks

Hi @Ryden. Here is some general information on hardwiring your Ring Doorbell. The hardwiring serves as a trickle charge to the Doorbells battery and will maintain the battery level, depending on the level of usage. You won’t see this start the take affect until your battery level has reached around 90%. Once your battery level is at 90%, you should start to see a slight incline on your battery level over the next few days. Let me know if this is the case.