Ring 2 with Satinior Solar Panel

I have a Ring 2 doorbell with a Satinior solar panel. This panel is supposed to be compatible with the Ring 2. Everything is connected but for some reason, the app is showing that the doorbell is running on the battery, and not the solar panel. I am having to charge the battery. Why? I don’t understand why the solar panel is not apparently working. Everything is plugged in, the panel is on the north side of the house (which is correct in Australia for best orientation). The panel was not inexpensive, let alone paying someone to install it… I would like it to do what it is supposed to do.

Hi @AussieRagdoll. At this time, only the Ring Solar Panel is compatible with Ring devices. This is likely why your Ring App does not show that your Doorbell is connected to a solar panel. Our devices are not compatible with any third-party solar panels, and we can’t guarantee the performance of them. You can check out the Ring Solar Panel here.