Ring 2 + Solar Charger

Hi all,

Recently charged the doorbell to 95% (around 2 weeks ago). Ordered and installed a solar charger for it at 65% around a week ago.

The battery continues to drop.

Last week we had nothing but sunshine in the UK so there must be an issue with the charges. I took it apart to check the connection and reattach. It still continues to drop.

The app says “attach solar charger” … I have and it’s not recognising this.

Can anyone help?

Hey @MB89. In your Device Health page, what does it say is the power source? If you have it hardwired to the old doorbell setup, it will say Hardwired, and if it is solar powered, it will say Solar. If it is not picking up either, it will say Battery, which will explain why the solar panel is not helping the battery! For the chance it says battery still, could you take a picture of how you have the wiring set up in the back? In addition, you can try doing a reboot of the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, and then seeing if the Device Health section updates to saying solar!

As a side note, if your Device Health power source says “Solar,” please let me know. It’s possible it could say Solar here and still have the message to add a solar panel, which if this is the case, I would say to please disregard the message to add a solar panel, as this is an in-app bug that neighbors may see and we are looking to have removed for the cases of neighbors seeing this plus already having the app say it’s connected to Solar.

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Photo attached of the device health screen. It says battery, but the unit solar charger is connected to the Ring doorbell 2. The doorbell is not hardwired.

I have tried the reset but it didn’t make a difference.

What can be done please?

@MB89 Thank you for that screenshot! This helps out a lot, as it showcases that even the Doorbell is not detecting that there is a solar panel there. Since you have tried a reset, one more thing to try would be to remove the Ring device from your account, and then re-set it up to see if it picks up the solar panel from there. Note: please save all videos you need from your event history, as when you delete the Doorbell, it will remove all videos. If it still fails to say solar for the power source, please give our support team a call here for advanced troubleshooting with this!


Have followed the final step as you requested by removing and reinstalling. Also charged it from 13% to 100%. Reattached, refreshed the app etc and the solar charger still doesn’t kick in (screenshot attached)

I have tried calling the Ring help for further support but don’t get an answer. Please help. What can be done?