Ring 2 on / off switch

We have a lot of traffic at our door and would like to turn off the Ring 2 completely during some daylight hours. I was told the only way to do this is to remove the battery. It would be nice to have an on / off switch in the app to do this.

Hey @MR1! You will definitely find interest in our upcoming Modes feature. It will allow for the customization of 3 modes, including the option to disable specified devices. For now, try the motion scheduling option found in your device settings in the Ring app. This will disable motion alerts for the specified time frame.

Right now, there’s no option to manually shut down the Ring video doorbell 2. However, you can disable the motion zones so that it won’t notify you and turn it back on once it’s not busy at your place anymore.

To disable the motion zones. Select your Ring device in Ring app then go to Device settings > motion settings > motion zones. Go on with the motion wizard until it directs you to motion zones settings. Once you’re there, tap the zones to turn it off.

Many thanks, looking forward to new modes feature.