Ring 2 night vision ccapability

Is there a hardware upgrade to activate night vision on a ring 2 doorbell. I bought a ring 2 assuming I had the option. I was wrong.

Hey there, @Bimmerland. If you are interested in one of our devices that has a better night vision feature, you may want to upgrade your Ring Video Doorbell 2 to the Pro or the Peephole Camera! You can find a product comparison guide here to find out what fits your needs best.

If you are having concerns with the night vision on your current doorbell triggering, you may want to contact our support team at 1-800-656-1918.

I contacted the support team and they sent me a replacement Ring2 but that did not fix my night vision problem. Do I have to upgrade to a Ring Pro to get true night vision. Please advise. Thanks

Competitors camera vs ring 2 camera both showing night vision. First shot is ring 2 at night

Competitors camera vs ring 2 camera both showing night vision. Second shot is competitors at night

I only see the one photo. I have the same system ezviz too. Works great for me. I do see that chair is causing a problem with the night vision though. The infrared is bouncing off of it.

Now I see the Ring cam. It’s having a similar issue with the white post. You need to angle it away from that. It should help a lot.

I have the wedge installed. Does not help.

Infrared not bouncing off. Ring 2 night vision not working.

Is this a possibility?