Ring 2 motion/persons detected

I live in a terrace house with my ring right on the front. Im getting loads of motion detections from cars but barely any persons detected. I’ve followed the advice and changed the zones to make it more sensitive but all that does it give me more motion alerts which tend to be cars passing. I’ve had several occasions where I’ve had friends or neighbours come to the door (without ringing the doorbell) and the ring hasn’t triggered a person detected notification. Also it’s a nicely lit street so no lighting issues either

Any ideas?

Hi there, @cliffyj19! Going through your settings was a great step to take, as fine tuning motion detection is best done through trial and error. As you mentioned capturing a lot of vehicle traffic, one setting specifically comes to mind. Check out your Motion Frequency setting to ensure it is set to frequent. This will allow the Video Doorbell to capture back to back motions, rather pause between to save battery life.

Sometimes, motion detection can depend on environmental factors. An entry way that has stairs leading up to it, is enclosed, or has an incline/ slope leading up to it, might require different angling of your device. Our Wedge kits come in handy for these scenarios. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I’m afraid he already changed the motion frequency to max and highlighted the whole area as the zone and still nothing. There’s no enclosed spaces and the area is flat.

Today my neighbour had her flowers stolen from her flower box and someone threw up on our doorstep and NOTHING was triggered

Right now this device is beyond useless