Ring 2 audio problems

I want to submit my video from the ring app but I don’t know how to find it to add? Can anyone help?

Please review this help article on how to share a video: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001834066-Downloading-and-Sharing-Your-Ring-Videos

Don’t bother submitting any videos or problems here. Ring is just going to point their fingers at Samsung and Samsung will point their fingers at Ring.

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Do you have any approximate date for the correction of the audio problem?
At home only have samsung s7 and s9+, both witch audio problems. Therefore my Ring Doorbell is used only for view the camera :frowning:

Ring has not made a fix to the application to address the problem. As far as whose issue it is, I find it odd that all my other “audio” programs work just fine (video conference calling as one example). The S10 has 2 microphones and I suspect that Ring is not using them correctly. For the S7 and S9 someone suggested to turn off the history feature (sorry if I’m not using the correct name for it). My S7 works ok, but not the S10. The overall app rating for Ring on Android is 2.8 which is not that great (B-/C+). I gave the app a 1 star rating after waiting for nearly 30 days for feedback or acknowledgement of the issue. It’s still 1 star for me and I would suggest you do the same. The more people who complain about the issue, it might get noticed and fixed.

There is a work around that sort of works, but is a bit clumsy to use. In live view when you are talking through your phone to the person at the door, hit the microphone mute button immediately after you finish speaking to the person. After they speak, then unmute yourself for your next sentence, then mute yourself again. Keep repeating until you are done. Awkward to use this way, but seems to work.

I am getting bad feedback on my recordings and live feed almost like a whistling

I had the Note 10+ with screacthing noise. Never was able to get it fixed. No solution from Ring nor Samsumg. Went back to my iPhone and no issues at all.

I have the S10+, useless, where do I go to rate the ring2 bell (bad) please

We installed our new Ring2 yesterday & it was fine until it updated time line event viewer today and we use I Phone. Internet wifi & RSS feeds r good. Do not see any advice on how to remove the timeline viewer. Would like to try removing it because no one can hear us speaking very well but could hear fine yesterday. Also a lot of feedback. Tnx

We are also having exact same issues. VERY frustrating bc we sent our 1st Pro back and upgraded to the $500 Elite thinking it needed to be hardwired. Still audio from phones to door is unrecognizable. I have a new Galaxy S10+, my husband an S8. We need a fix! Please someone help. We have called customer support, reinstalled, tried everything. Please, please help, we are out $500 for a doorbell that won’t work as it should…?

I’m having same issues on my s10+, audio is unrecognizable! Pls post if u find a solution!

I have an s10 plus and my husband an s8. Audio is unrecognizable at door. We spent $500 and upgraded to an elite thinking a hardwired would fix it. Please please find a fix, and let us know what do do. This is more than frustrating. $500 for something that doesn’t work as it should…?

Same issues with my galaxy s10 plus?

So frustrated! My s10 plus audio is unrecognizable at door.?

Can we be notified if there is a fix? My s10 plus audio is unrecognizable on our hard wired Elite! How will we know if there us a fix?


I’m having the same issue with my s9. When I try to answer all that gets through is a “chirpy” noise at best.

I have called tech support and did all of their suggestions Nothing works!

How long do we have to wait for a fix to this issue!!

We have great wifi, but bc we have the latest Sansung Phones, horrible audio reception. When I use my Ipad, it is clear. So very frustrating, especially since I shifted from IPhone to Galaxy S10+ bc of camera. I want to keep my S10+ and see where someone went and bought Iphones just to use their Ring. This is insane. There must be a fix. We upgraded to the $500 Elite bc we thought it would help. What a waste of money. Ring, please find a fix!

I am having the same audio problem. Static and only hearing every other word for those at the door bell when trying to hear person from the phone. I have an andriod S8. My wife has a iPhone, and i tried this two way conversation on her phone and it works perfect/crystal clear. There has to be a fix for this Ring.

So I called Ring tech support, and they had me uninstall the app from my S9 and reinstall the app. I tested the audio settings and there was no static at the ring doorbell. I guess I will see if the problem happens again after a couple days, as I just installed this app for the first time about 2 days ago.

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I had the same issue. I had purchased the Chime Pro and had it plugged near the internet modem; I switched placing, plugged it inside near the front door and voila, issue resolved ?%.

The Chime Pro extends the Wi-Fi and helps with interference of walls and other objects. The RSSI went from 68 to 47; the lower the number the better connection.