Ring 2 and Orbi issues

I have a ring 2 and it worked “well” with the ISP router but the wireless was weak. I upgraded to a Orbi RBK50v2 and it works great with everything except the ring doorbell. The ring often won’t go live view, often has a black screen if it does, the audio is usually missing for the first 10-15 seconds, etc. I once received a motion detected 30 minutes after the fact which I guess you can say it was a improvement from none at all. Some info;

Ring door bell is hardwired to existing doorbell xformer, power status stays VERY GOOD

2.4G signal is excellent (usually -49 RSSI or better)

The ring is the only item on the 2.4G wireless. Everything else is on 5G

Various channels for 2.4G have been tried (no change)

The ring always connect to the Orbi router not the satellite

It has a static IP assigned

The ring always passes the tools tests in the Device Heath section

It seems the IP keeps dropping from the active assigned list after a short while. Then the Ring is “dormant” and struggles to reconnect. “if” it reconnects it is very slow to work i.e. a never ending cycle.


Hi @ronline, have you reached out to our support team on this concern? This would be a great place to start as it seems your situation would require some more in-depth troubleshooting. Whenever you have a moment, please reach out to our support team here and let us know what they were able to figure out with you!

Thanks Chelsea,

So far I have not but will today. So far the rings performance has been unacceptable.

I have seen some small improvement. Other places on here suggested picking a channel on the 2.4G such as 1 or 6. This was not helpful, in fact going back to automatic mode is where I saw the improvemment. I still have long delays in the Ring 2 responding. Such as;

the person is walking away before I get a notification

a person knocks, I answer and then I get a notification

the first 15 seconds of video has no sound…then it pops in

I’ll let the site know if they find a fix.

I keep the

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I got with support using Chat and that went “Ok” but no results so I was asked to Call in. She wanted me to totally reprogram my router and change it from a router to the AP mode. I wasn’t willing to do that at this point.

The call in Tech was very good (David, I think) and we spent quite a bit of time going over many ideas. There was some improvement in the delay. We did the usual, checking settings, reloading apps, rebooting routers. We loaded a app called Rapid Ring and that pretty much cut the response in half. I also got a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the various apps (phone, mac and win10 computers). I have them all.

We temporary moved my 2nd item a spotlight cam to about a foot away from the router and saw responses under 5 secs and a RSSI of -17. Great numbers but not a viable solution. I was then passed to the next level of support and she wants to send me a Chime Pro and see if that corrects the problems. I will update here once I receive it run some tests.

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Ok. I got my Chimepro and I had only two possible locations I could place it. I tried both. At one I have a good signal at the Chimepro <30 RSSI but no real improvement on the doorbell. At the other the chimepro has a weaker single but the doorbell sees “some” improvement. Neither location was any improvement on the Doorbell2 performance. Bottom line. The Chimepro was no help! In fact, over time it seems the Chimepro only adds to the delay in getting a alert. Very buggy system. Not impressed.

Such as; I often get a phone alert, 5-30 seconds later I get a Alexa alert for the same event. Other times they work in concert and announce together. More often than not when I open the phone app, or Computer (Win10) it will trigger a alert announcement.

You can only reboot or uninstall and reload programs, apps and Wifi so many times without any results.

I haven’t even installed the Spotlight cam yet. Since it will be further away from the signal (router) than the Doorbell I expect more of the same issues, or worse!

Hi @ronline, I’m glad to hear we were able to provide a Chime Pro for you to see if it improves the performance for your Ring devices. Once the Chime Pro is set up in the app and connected, you then need to connect your Ring device to the Chime Pro network. This is sometimes a step missed by neighbors, so I want to ensure you’ve done this. For this, you will go into your Ring app, then into the main menu and select Devices. From devices, select on the Doorbell 2 and then Device Health. For the wifi network, if it seems Chime Pro network, then you’re good! But if it does not, please select change wifi network and then change it to connect over to the Chime Pro Network.

After you’ve done this, or if you already have, please reach out to our support team here. This will help them determine next steps so you can have devices working reliably for you in your home!

I also am having atrocious issues with ring doorbell & Orbi systems. The only thing that works is hooking up a separate AP specifically for the the ring doorbells.