Rich notifications issue

On my iPad when I get a rich notification banner pop up I would pull down and it would bring up a larger view of the snap shot. All of a sudden it has stopped doing that. Anyone else?

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Hey there, @mkstretch! Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to see if this resolves your concern with Rich Notifications. Please let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I too have had trouble with notifications.
My ring doorbell pro is recognizing motion but not sending me the notification? All of my iPhones settings are set to receive notifications. My individual ring cams are also set to send notifications; but still no notification of motion is sent? My older cams are sending notifications as normal. It is only my ring doorbell pro that has stopped. It stopped about the time that the screenshot alerts started as a new feature. I enabled it, it worked great; and we loved it. Then nothing. If I open the app, it shows motion by camera so I know it’s not a cam issue, it’s something in the delivery with the pro. I’ve tried logging out, deleting the app and reinstalling and logging back in. Nothing. I’ve tried turning notifications on and off, Tesoro gong my phone. Nothing. Please help!

Hi there, @Jmm1! If your Doorbell Pro is detecting motion but not receiving notifications, the best next step will be to check motion settings. Please check for any motion scheduling as this is designed to prevent alerts during certain times. There is also a snooze feature in the Ring app that can snooze notifications for a specified period of time. Of course, you’d remember toggling this snooze and/ or it would disable after so much time. I recommend also checking to see if modes is enabled, and you are in disarmed mode, thus preventing alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: