Rewinding Live Feed

Is it possible to see more than the recorded video snippets on the Ring Doorbell 2? For example, is it possible to rewind live feed to a point within the last 12/24 hours and view it? I’m assuming the answer is no, and the only viewable video is the 30 second alerts when motion is captured that have occured, but wanted to verify. Thank you!

Hi @iinzane. I totally understand wanting to be safe instead of sorry, just to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything. At this time, you will only be able to see the recorded video snippets that are in your history.

To get any videos that are not only 30 seconds, you will have to answer the notification and enter the Live View, which will either time out after 10 minutes of it being pulled up, or until you end it. These recordings will be for however long you have been in the Live View after answering it. I will make sure to pass on your idea to the appropriate team for you! :smiley_cat: