Returning Ring Elite - disappointed that can not use existing doorbell button so it is unsuitable for application

I live in in a multiunit building. All doorbells are in same location. There is not a place to mount the Ring unit to be a practical replacement for the existing doorbell button. I ran a line from chime terminals on Ring unit to each side of exiting door bell button. The existing chime does indeed actuate when button on Ring unit is pressed.

I assumed that Ring would detect the drop in voltage when the exiting doorbell button was pressed and actuate so I could get an alert when I was not home that someone had pressed my bell. Per phone technical support the lead connection terminals on Elite can only actuate the chime and not allow for use of exiting doorbell button to actuate the Ring unit.

I do not want an alert sent each time another resident in my building walks by.

Lacking this feature the Ring Elite does not provide functionality beyond my exiting security camera which can also send motion alerts to my phone and provide two way audio. I will probably return the Ring Elite for a refund and hope this deficiency is addressed in future product from Ring or another manufacturer.

Allowing customers to continue to use their exiting doorbell button while getting the features of Ring technology seems like something obvious desirable in a future product.

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