RetroFit Kit and Existing ADT Hybrid Wireless and Wired

I have read up on the RetroFit kit and know what it does/how it works. I did have one clarifying question though that I think is a matter of semantics.

I recently bought a home that has a fully installed ADT system. This system is NOT ADT Pulse, which I think is an important distinction. However, the ADT system is a combo of hardwired and wireless sensors that all feed back into a box in our pantry. The alarm panel in the box has both the wires coming in, but also has 2 antennae for the wireless sensors coming into the same box.

Will the retrofit work with this existing system (assuming I have the rest of the Ring equipment necessary). Thanks!

Hi @shelzmike. The Retrofit Kit will only work with wired zones, and will not work with wireless sensors. This Help Center article here has some great information on the Retrofit Kit and how it operates. Without seeing the alarm panel you currently have installed, it would be tough to say whether it will work or not. Try sharing a picture of it and the Community might be able to offer more insight.