Retrofit and Base Station Only?

I already have an existing alarm system in the house that was installed when it was built (fairly new construction). So every door and window already has contact sensors. All I really need is the Ring Retrofit unit + Base Station. However it doesn’t seem that they sell the base station on its own unless I missed it in their store.

Its a waste of money for me to buy a kit because I don’t need any of their sensors.
Anyone have advise or know how to get the base station only?

Hi @JetRocket11. The Ring Alarm Base Station is not available to be purchased separately from any of the kits it is available in. You can find the Retrofit Kit here, which will include the Base Station and the Retrofit Kit. If you don’t need the additional Ring Alarm sensors, then you can opt to not use them.

I recently purchased five First Alert Z-Wave Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. When I reviewed the information, I noticed that they interface with the Ring Alarm Base Station. Since I have two Ring doorbells, I thought that would be a good addition to my home security. I subsequently discovered that I need to purchase a compete Ring Alarm Kit in order to simply connect my smoke detectors.

Is there any way to purchase just the Ring Alarm Base Station without investing over $200?