Resetting/reactivating a non working internal chime

I have been following the set up and help facilities on the website to reconnect an internal chime that no longer chimes. I suspect I know how this happened - see below. But in order to resolve this I needed to follow the step by step guide. I have now reached the point where I get a message that tells me - how/why is inexplicable - that my device is registered to another and cannot be set up or the registration request actioned. Where do I go from here?

The likely reason for the need for a reset/reconnect I have now realised - 2 weeks later after only just realising my doorbell has not rung - is that we have just moved to fibre broadband with a new route and thus password.

Hi @sussexringuser. If you are getting a message that the Doorbell belongs to another user, you are not logged in with the same email that the Doorbell was setup under or you are on the wrong Location. I would suggest verifying that the email you are using is correct. Once you have that verified, you can follow the steps listed in this Help Center article here to reconnect to WiFi.