Required log in every single time doorbell rings

Why does Ring requires me log in AND go through the 2 authenticate process each and every time my doorbell rings… which isn’t very often. If I want to see who rang doorbell, I have to go through sign in, and 2 factor authentication now. By then, who ever it was is gone, kinda worthless having the ring now. (I do not sign out)

Hi @AndryeaN. Are you signing in on or on the Ring app? You should not be signed out of the Ring app automatically. If you’re signing in on, make sure you’re checking the box next to “Keep me signed in (up to 30 days)”. If you have a VPN or you clear your cache and cookies on your browser, this will cause you to be signed out and you’ll have to sign back in each time.

I sign in via the ring app

Hi @AndryeaN. What type of phone are you signing in on and what version of the Ring app is installed? You may need to adjust some settings so you can not be logged out when closing the app.