Requesting Live recording when no motion was triggered

On my ring phone app , I can see live video recording with individual frames captured 15 seconds apart in addition to triggered motion events. I am looking for a way to obtain a more granular view of what happened within the 15 seconds. In my specific situation, I see my car in the live view footage captured at 11.25pm and 31 seconds but I do not see the car at 11.25pm and 46 seconds. The movement of the car did not trigger my motion detector during this period. I tried calling Ring customer service but the reps can only see triggerd motion events on their end. The fact that I can see the live video recording on my phone, probably implies it is recorded on servers somewhere. I am just looking for footage around a very specific timeframe to pinpoint what happened. Thanks for the help.

Hi @arvind. It would seem that you are describing out Snapshot Capture feature. This helps you fill in the gaps in between your Motion events by taking a snapshot of your Ring Doorbells view. There is not a way to see what happens in between the snapshots because they are not a video recording, but rather a series of pictures, similar to a flip book! I hope this helps describe the situation. You can find out more about Snapshot Capture here.