Report a bug Ring Doorbell Stream error

I have been getting a recent problem where the live view stream would error all time just after I had motion alert and after a frequent recording setup. I have a very strong wifi RSSI signal and still was causing the stream error.

-50-61 RSSI
-v3 doorbell
-motion sensitivity lowest to mid
-no subscription

here are the steps:
Open the ring app
Click the settings for the ring doorbell v3
navigate to motion settings
set the motion sensitivity to the lowest
Click on the ‘edit motion zones’ to create zones
create a single zone as default and just select half of the screen from bottom to the middle of the screen and save
receive the first notification and click to live view - you may have to try a few times
stream error would occur - you may have to try a few times as the issue is on and off… sometimes it would work as the video will display

To fix this erroring temporarily, I had to remove my motion zones and I have no streaming errors.

Please fix this issue and for any feedback please report back to me.


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