Report a bug in Ring floodlight security camera light scheduler feature

To whom it may concern:

I have just purchased and started to use the Ring floodlight Security Camera product.

I would like to report an issue with the light scheduler in Ring floodlight security camera device. I am living in Washington D.C. area and I have Eastern Time Zone set on my iphone.

I set “light turns ON at 6:00 PM” and “light turns OFF at 6:00 AM”.

However, the light has been turned ON at 1:00 PM and turned OFF at 1:00 AM every day since I has set up “light scheduler” feature. I found out in order to make it work right then I had to set “light turns ON at 11:00 PM” and “light turns OFF at 11:00 AM”. That means I have to add 5 more extra hours to my desirable time for the lights to turn ON or OFF.


If you would like to have the lights to turn ON at 6:00 PM and OFF at 6:00 AM then

you have to set the lights to turn ON at 11:00 PM and OFF at 11:00 AM (by adding 5 more hours forward to desiable time when setting the time for lights to turn ON or OFF on scheduler).

You can perform same kind of testing on your device to double check the result.

I hope that you will bring up this issue to the tech or developer team so they will have a bug fix for it. Please keep me posted. I really appreciate for your time.

Thank you,


This has been reported for a while now. There is a main thread if you searched. No need to post multiple new threads.

While the other guy in the thread is upset you didn’t follow forum etique perfectly, I appreciate the write up. This was driving me crazy, I just made the change and so far it’s working as expected. Hopefully they get this fixed soon.

It was towards someone else. Their post was removed…