Replacing Ring 2 with Ring 3

Hi, I am replacing my ring doorbell 2 with the new Ring 3. Do I need to delete the existing Ring 2 from the app (if so how do I delete it) or do I just remove the Ring 2 from the front door and set up the new Ring 3 in the setup new device option? What is the best way to swap the two out since I will be naming the Ring 3 “Front door” which is the current name for the existing Ring 2?

Hey @jr71561. You will need to remove the Doorbell 2 before setting up the Doorbell 3. To remove the device, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell 2 > Device Settings > General Settings > Remove this Device. Once removed, you will be able to set up the Doorbell 3 through the Main Menu > Set up a Device, and then be all set! :slight_smile: