Replacing a Panasonic Doorphone

I just installed a Ring Doorbell (model “1”), to replace a Panasonic KX-T30865-B Doorphone that is connected to my Panasonic KX-TA616 PBX.

I want to know if I can just hardwire my new Ring to the 2 wires that run from the PBX to the Doorphone as if it were a digital/mechanical bell (as the manual indicates) and avoid recharging the battery every 2 weeks.

Since the existing wires use to carry both voice and the signal created by the button when pressed (it’s not a simple transformer to bell circuit) , I’m not sure it it carries the desired voltage or whatever is needed to function properly.


Glad you asked @nospamprl! While certain chime kit models are not compatible with the Video Doorbell for use of the chime tone, the wiring can often still supply a charge, as you stated. With your concern of the wiring type, I recommend ensuring it is a standard 18 awg (wire gauge), and that your power supply is rated for 8 - 24 VAC.

If the wires are too thin it can cause resistance, and if the chime kit is not directing voltage with the standard number of terminals / wires, it may not deliver the desired power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: