Removing the favorites star deletes the video?

I have had a wired Ring floodlight camera for 4 years. In the past, I could “star” a video that I might want to keep, and when I removed the star, the video remained. In the last month, this has changed and when I remove the star, the video is deleted. Even videos that are less than one week old. Is this a new “feature”? I don’t want to keep a bazillion videos, but I do like to flag them short term until I figure out everything is ok.

All advice appreciated

Due to various technical issues that the Ring service can have, if there’s the slightest possibility that you want to save a video I would recommend downloading it. You can always decide later if it’s worth keeping.

Hi @Elsie. What version of the Ring app do you have installed and what type of phone are you using? If possible, share a screen recording of this happening. I just tried to star/unstar a video on my iPhone and the video was not deleted. Thanks, neighbor.