Removed doorbell 2 to reset, now stuck

I was having issues with my doorbell sending me notifications. It would only send me notifications after I opened the app. I wanted to do a reset, I removed my location which removed my camera from my app. I tried to set back up the device, it keeps coming up saying device ownership already exists. (me!) how do I fix this so I can use my camera again?

Hey @cyoungny804. Have you reached out to our support team yet? Since this concern deals with the device ownership roadblock, it’s best toreach out to them first so they can take a deeper look into this. Additional, if you are having notification issues in the future, normally uninstalling the Ring app, rebooting your device, and then reinstalling the app will fix it up for you!

Yes, I did reach out to Ring support. I learned I had 2 email addresses assigned to it. I removed one, and that resolved the re-set up issues, however, I am still not receiving all of my notifications, only some of them. I’m thinking maybe my router is too far from the device, with a wall barrier, and maybe the connection keeps becoming too weak at times?

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@cyoungny That’s great to hear! It sounds like you may definitely be running into that. If you’re connected to wifi and there is too much interference or you’re in a sense in a “dead zone,” that can prevent notifications from coming through. Additionally, you may have some apps on your phone (if you’re an Android user) that could be preventing your notifications from coming there. Whenever you have a chance you can read over this list in our Ring Help Center Article here, just to make sure!