Remove Ring Floodlight Wired Plus from Mounting Plate

I am trying to remove a Wired Plus Floodlight assembly from the mounting plate / backing plate. But am unable to do so.
Assembly was no problem.
When I am trying to remove the camera from the wall mounting plate, I have loosened and removed the 2 small nuts that hold the camera / light to the mounting plate then try to pull the camera free.
The camera is moving out by approx 5mm then it feels like something is holding the camera onto its mounting. I dont see anything obvious to keep it in place.
Called Ring Support (no help). Can you please advise a fix or any suggestions?
Dont think I need to twist etc?
Should this just pull off after the 2 nuts are removed?
No information on this in manual or youtube Ring content etc.

Hi @KMU. The Floodlight Cam should come off the opposite way it was installed. Once the nuts are removed, the assembly should slide off. Be careful, as some of the wires may have become bound up, making this slightly more difficult. Be sure that the power is turned off to avoid any electrical hazards. I hope this helps.